Being part of the community

Being part of the community I work in has always been of vital importance to me. It is when the racial and economical barriers go down that the true relationships are born. Most of you know me from market, and the ones who know me know that I travel extensively through India for my own personal pleasure. India is not just a place where I purchase the items I sell, as much as one of the places where I thrive. A few years ago, during my travels through India's outback rural areas, I got a taste of community. I came upon a small village, where the incredible marriage ceremonies were taking place in a beautifully colored tent right in the center of the town's square. Intense red, pink, purple, and green sari's draped on the village women were something spectacular! The flowers, the smiles on their faces....it was all a sight for sore eyes after all those hours travelling on that rickety bus! As I stepped off, suddenly all eyes were on me, and I am sure they must have thinking why in the world would I travel, alone, to such remote area. Slowly but surely all the children started gathering around me, then the teen-agers, then, after they gained more confidence and curiosity, the town elders.

I had the time of my life, ended up staying for the wedding and everything! Community is strong in this part of the world, and human contact is still very felt. I enjoy it very much, it reminds me of the small town on  Italy's Adriatic coast where I grew up. I still laugh when I look at this picture from that wedding.....Thank you India for opening your heart to me!

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