This is Us

 The amazing women behind our brand

At Sol Jewels, we believe that our talented artisans are the beating heart of our business. We are passionate about what we do, and are proud of the way we do it. All of the artisan women we work with are paid fair wages, have safe and healthy working environments, and are happy to be a part or our producer group. They are Fair Trade Certified in India. We have an open dialogue with our artisans about the impact fair wages make on their livelihood and difference it makes in their lives. We have researched what the living wages are in their communities, and we are happy to say they are being paid double what women  in this area would normally earn. This is women empowering women, dignity and not charity. This is fair pay for an honest day of work. 

We, as a company, pay the artisans we work with up front, with a set advance and pay in full once our good are ready. We are happy about our work ethics and our trading practices. By purchasing Sol Jewels you can rest assured you are purchasing an item that has been ethically handcrafted with love for both people and the environment. 

 The beating heart of our business is in the beating heart of India


 Meet the amazing artisan women that make it all possible


  She is Poonam, 35 yrs old. Mother of two sons: Sahil and Sagar, 17 and 14 yrs old. Loves binge-watching old Bollywood movies and a spicy plate of chowmein.
 She is Santosh Didi, our main artisan. She is 38 yrs old, proud mother of her 4 children: Her three daughters, Shivani, 18 yrs old, Ritika, 15 yrs old, Kashisha, 11 yrs old, and her son Ritik, 11 yrs old. She enjoys speaking English and chole bature, a spicy snack food.

 She is Anju, 37 years old, proud mother of Kunal, her only son, 16 yrs old. Absolutely LOVES Bollywood music and spending time with her family.


 She is Geeta, Santosh Didi's younger sister. Proud mother of her son Chaavi, who is 2 yrs old. She enjoys cooking and listening to Bollywood songs.

 She is Dimple, 20 yrs old. Enjoys shopping, wearing make-up, and playing music on her new phone.

 She is Raj Kumari, proud mother of her four sons: Suraj, 22 yrs old, Chanda, 20 yrs old, Akash, 18 yrs old, and Surjeet who is 16. Enjoys needlepoint and a nice plate of paneer tikka!

She is Assya, 23 years old. She enjoys sewing, making outfits for her siblings, and masala dosa, a South Indian dish. 

 She is Sunita, 38 yrs old. Proud mother of her 3 sons: Bantu, who is 18 yrs old, Ranjeet, who is 15 yrs old, and Sachin, who is 13.  She enjoys basket weaving and gulab jamun, a local sweet.

 She is Annu, 30 years old, proud mother of her 3 children: Alisha who is 10 yrs old, Alina who is 5 yrs old, and her son Ishan, 7 yrs old. She enjoys going to the city and visiting relatives, and loves chai.

She is Radhika, 27 yrs old, and proud mother of Ritu, her 10 year old daughter and Mayank, her 6 year old son. She loves helping her children with homework and singing along with the music videos.
 This is Indira, 23 years old,  she just married. Loves going to the movies and going to get her hands decorated with henna.