Daring to dream, one pouch at a time

 How old sari's are changing lives......

So, remember how I was telling you lovely ladies that we are working on a project with the NGO, Mahima, that is working with the widowed women in Vrindavan? Well, you're gonna have to wait, we are not ready yet! But I can say, that a couple of these amazing women have learned to sew, on the newly donated sewing machine. So this is how this is so amazing:

More fortunate women donate their used sari's. The women working with the NGO cut up the sari's, mix and match the colors, and make pouches they sell to the pilgrims and tourists in the Holy City Vrindavan.  For the first time ever they are earning on their own. It is awesome! So we went to Vrindavan and bought them all up, at double the price they were asking for and have them here, for you. But the best part of the story is that we are gifting the pouches to everyone who makes a purchase.....until they are gone. Everyone deserves a piece of this #womanpower!

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