It all started when I fell in love with India and "her" people....


I have wanted to travel to India ever since I can remember. There was just something about the colors, the fabrics, the food.....there was just something pulling at my heartstrings ever since I can remember.

I had worked all summer long, received my last paycheck, and the dream was finally real! I grabbed my rucksack, and my two besties, and off we went! It was a dream come true! As soon as we hit the tarmac this wonderful feeling of "amazing" took over me and I felt like I could barely breathe.

Exiting the airport in new Delhi back then was very, very different. It was September, 1994. The heat, the smells of masala in the air, the rickshaws, the taxi drivers, the traffic...OMG the traffic!!! Incredible India was hustling and bustling all around us and it was simply mesmerizing!!

We took a makeshift taxi in front of the airport and landed in Paharganj. We were three, young, Italian women on a shoestring budget with a serious care of wanderlust. Needless to say, in those six months, not only did we travel India from Rishikesh to Kanyakumari, but we fell deeply in love with a country we would later travel year after year, until (they) would get married, and I kept travelling! In those days, I was still living in a small beach town right off of the Adriatic coast, about 90 kilometres south of Venice, the beautiful town on Comacchio. I would make necklaces and bracelets and sell them to the tourists, in the summer, on the boardwalk. So India was a place of great inspiration, and I would buy beads and findings to make my creations.

In 2002, when Europe introduced the euro, many small artisans fell deep into hardships, so I moved to the US and started over again. My small sole proprietorship, Suryashakti, traveled across the ocean to live it's dream. 

Fast-forward to 2019, Suryashakti is now a company in it's self, SOL JEWELS. I have since then survived cancer, twice, and had a son, Surya. It has been a pleasure to watch him blossom into a young man, and now I am back full force, ready to take Sol Jewels to the next level. We work with an amazing artisan/producer group, which is Fair Trade Certified, who produces all of our designs. Thank you for your business. The dream is REAL.

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