Two months in Bihar

 So remote, yet so close to my heart 

I had been thinking about going to Bihar for so many years, and for one reason or another I never went. Well, 2 years ago I finally decided I wasn't going to wait any longer, so I hopped on a train and off I went! By the time the train reached Patna I was ready to get off, but that was not my original plan, so I decided to stick with it and keep on rolling. By the end of day number 2, we reached Katihar, the farthest east region in Bihar. 

Usually when you get off a train there are at least a couple of foreigners in the train station....I didn't see one for 2 months! I had met a family many years prior, who thank goodness didn't change their phone number, so there I was, trying to get a rickshaw with the few words of Hindi I know, not realizing that most people would be speaking Bihari!! The region is breathtaking, and the people are beautiful, welcoming, and sweet. Needless to say, when I left Bihar I left a piece of my heart.

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